Let the Rain Fall

Just in time for Halloween, Rainy Day Games has risen from the dead.  It used to be an e-commerce site selling board games.  However they closed their door a few years back, but still owns all the content (over 400 products and reviews). 

First, from a technical perspective, we had to update them from classic ASP to ASP.Net MVC, give them a new SEO friendly URL structure, and update the HTML from a table layout to a DIV structure.  We kept the old look and feel and the category structure.

Second, from a business model, they added Adsense and affiliated links to Funagain Games.  This required setting up accounts and loading 400 game IDs in to the database.

Finally, we did some load testing and added some caching to help with performance.  We also found and solved a memory leak when using XSL which I will post about shortly.


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