Biscuits and Tea

June 29, 2011

Compare dog food for this cute little puppyWe finally updated the Lucky Dog Biscuits website to MVC 2.0.  Since they stopped the ecom part of the site, it was an easy map to the new content management system.   We also decided to target the site to “compare dog food” since that term gets 28,000 searches for the first position and make about $76 a day in adsense.

It will take them a few months to do the back linking effort, but the competition isn’t that strong.

One final note, we did not update the html.  It still uses tables for layout…  yuck!  It bloats the site to three times the size if we used more modern methods.


Mind Mapping

June 9, 2011

I have been reevaluating the different mind mapping software applications for both the desk top and the iPad for when I am on the go.

I have narrowed it down to two:

  1. iThoughts
  2. iMindMap

I like the idea that iMindMap has both the iPad version and the desktop, however, it is expensive.  The iThoughts does the iPad version very well, and has many different export options.  So I think I will go with the iThoughts for the iPad, and the basic version of the iMindMap for the desktop. 

Another benefit from this selection is that I can swap out the basic version for another free product like FreeMind if things change with iMindMap.