I have to be honest here, the number one issue I have with clients is getting them to write their content or at least supervise their content.  Here is the issue:  They are the expert in the subject domain.  My team is not.  My team knows how to program, rank, image manipulation, and design.  They do not know the ins and outs of selling media sign on the sides of trucks that roam downtown Saturday night.  Nor do they know the fine art of selling used books and VHS tapes.   We do have writers available to actually do the writing, but they too know little of my client’s domain and need direction.   Too often we hear “just write something, and I will approve it”.  They don’t and some even get cross at how wrong we were.  [sigh].  Garbage in, garbage out.

Anyway, I was very surprised with our new clients at Allergy Free Info wrote their own beautiful content, but they also provided their own links and citations!   Citations!  It brought a tear to my eye, because that is what the initial dream of the web was.  Centers of knowledge universities building upon each other!

 Good work guys!


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