Hire a Fiverr and Save Some Time

Ok, sometimes you have to know when your beat.  I have tried and tried and then had one of my guys try and failed to install the world famous one click install for WordPress on a Windows 2003 box.  We have done this before many times, but this particular box is giving us trouble.  I don’t know what I said to it to tick it off, but it won’t play ball. 

As I mention my woes to another geek at happy hour, he mentioned this site: Fiverr.  It is a site that list jobs people are willing to do for $5.  There is a “programming”, “technology”, and “programming” section which had a few people that could solve my issue.  I “ordered” a service, he fixed my issue and he received $5 (actually I gave him $20 since I spent over 8 hours of my time on this issue).

Sometimes you just need to bring in the experts and at $5, it’s not like you are hiring a plumber.


One Response to Hire a Fiverr and Save Some Time

  1. Yagovf79 says:

    I wanted to share a good alternative to fiverr. Even though fiverr is a great site and concept, http://www.peoplestox.com offers some pretty cool things.
    1.- set your own price
    2.- get your money in 24hrs (no internal account, no min sales to collect, you get your money automatically in 24hrs)
    3.- only 15% commission(fiverr charges 20%)

    And as a buyer looking to outsource, I think http://www.peoplestox.com does a better job at screening their sellers. All experiences posted are reviewed and approved, which translates into higher quality offerings and serious sellers.

    I hope this was helpful

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