Wiebe’s Moving Update

We continue with our goal to modernize our customer’s sites with a Winnipeg Moving company, Wiebe’s.  Once again, the new site has been converted to ASP.MVC and C#.  This site was already in .Net, so it was a quick upgrade.  We also took the time to change a few bits of the copy.  We changed the more generic term “Local” and made it more concrete with “Winnipeg”.  The same for “Rural” and “Manitoba”. Finally, we redirected the old URLs to the new ones uses IIS redirects.  I will review the logs the next month to see if those old URL are still being used and if not, then remove them.
The next step for Wiebe’s Storage is to relook at their SEO efforts.  They have 2 to 4 competitors that are firmly planted in the market, however, they are not that far out of range.  Time to do some analysis.

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