When dealing with visual clients, it helps to create a few wireframe mockups of the core functional pages.  A wireframe for a website is basically a rough sketch of the page elements and their spatial relationship between them.  This helps to make sure everyone is thinking the same way.  Clients can see how their ideas will play out before they commit to a more in-depth process.

When I am at a desktop, I use Visio for my wireframe mockups need.  However, I came across iMockups for the iPad by Endloop Systems inc.   Not bad at all.  I found myself sitting in the front lobby of my client’s business waiting for a delivery.  I pulled out my iPad and started to wire up another mini-application.  I was impressed.  I was able to create several screens in a 20 min. sitting on a couch.  The desktop/Visio combination is still faster, however, this iMockups app is perfect when you are away from your main computer.

My wireframe using iMockups for the iPad by Endloop Systems inc.

My first wireframe using iMockups.


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