Horrors of the Past

April 18, 2011

Once web sites are built, depending on the client, they tend to be “frozen” with the best practices of the day.  This past month we have an initiative to modernize and standardize websites that are over two years old.  This includes making sure each website has:

 Each of these tools requires that you have control of the site.


Welcome to the World of US-EH

April 17, 2011

US-EH.com LLC is my consulting company I created when I first moved to the States from Canada back in 1997. My name is Corey Malczewski and I have been in the business of writing software for over 18 years now.

18 years.  Wow,  Time flies.  This is partly why I have started this blog.  I am beginning to realize that I am getting old and one of the few benefits of age, is that you gather a few tidbits of knowledge.  Now the downside of my dwindle youth is memory loss.  Therefore, writing down these morsels into binary will release much needed space in my brain for more important things such as TV shows and office politics. 

As for the subject matter, I will mainly focus on the activities of my company and also highlight any tools for small businesses that I come across.